Penny Black 40 APPROVED Stamp Cufflinks


Whether you are a person in a high place or someone who has suffered a lot of rejection in your life, this will be an important addition to your wardrobe. Approve things at will with the Approved Stamp Cufflinks. OR if you are the latter, go nuts approving papers and documents that may or may not require approvals. This is proven to be a good source of therapy. The cufflinks are constructed with actual, functional rubber stamps and come with a handy, pocket-sized ink pad. They also feature a screw-top cap that will ensure that your mitts and French cuffs are ink-free. Cufflinks by Penny Black 40
  • Perfect for anyone working in the Financial industry, Bankers, Loan Officers, etc.
  • Approximately 3/4" in diameter
  • Silver plated setting
  • Top screws off and on to keep your shirt protected
  • Bullet back closure

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